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Saladbar Gets DRUG! - Salabar has skillZ!
FreakZ Gets DRUG! - The taller they are, the harder they fall
Qwik Silver Gets DRUG! - Injury #1!
GARS02TA Gets DRUG! - GARS02TA fits into the box!
Goldmember Jumps It! - 10 extra points for the wooden stick!

MonsoonX vs. Red TA - Monsoon runs an 11.7!
12 Second Impala - Thats a FAST Impala!
FreakZ 10 Second Run Angle #2 - A slightly better view of the front tires
Jay Johnson - First 346 in the 9's!
Jay - OOPS! - Jay looses a ttop!
Beenfetched - Beenfetched telling a track official he is his bitch!
Saladbar - Saladbar wins king of the track!

All vehicles in these videos are running AlphaHID HID lights for their upgraded headlights. They have provided us headlights for nominal fees over the years and we appreciate it.

Disclaimer:  All videos found on this site are sole property of RacingFreaks.net. Any unauthorized use of these videos is strictly prohibited. If you want to use them, you have to ask. We also do no support, encourage, or condone the use of public streets for the purpose of racing and shall not be held responsible for the actions of individuals that participate in these illegal activities.